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                 ● Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

Product Details:

  • Venus’ five-bladed razors shave you close and adjust to women’s curves for a smooth and comfortable shave, even over tricky shaving areas like knees and ankles.
  • Olay Moisture Bars contain skin-enhancing elements found in Olay products: Petrolatum helps lock in skin’s moisture for less dryness and Glycerin helps offer that goddess glow! Just wet the razor to release a light lather – no separate shave cream required.
  • As with most Venus razors, new Venus & Olay also features a rounded, pivoting head designed for women’s curves, and a soft-grip ergonomic handle for confident control, even in wet and soapy environment

Where To Buy:

A refillable Venus & Olay with one replacement cartridge sells for approximately $8.99-$10.99. Packages of three replacement cartridges are available for about $14.99 - $19.49.

Venus & Olay will be available starting March 15, 2012 at food, drug, convenience and mass merchandise stores throughout the United States. 

My Review:

One of the first items from my #lovevoxbox that I put to immediate use was the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor. What girl doesn’t need a good razor to shave her legs!? One of the main reasons I jumped to use this razor before anything else was because in a previous box I received one similar. In the very first #voxbox I received from Influenster I had the chance to try the Venus ProSkin which is overall the same concept of the Venus & Olay razor. I had a wonderful experience using the Venus ProSkin so I had a good feeling i was going to be impressed with this one.

The main thing that I absolutely love about the Venus razors are the nifty moisture bars. With this razor you have TWO moisture bars that help to lock in moisture while shaving and also keep skin smooth avoiding any dryness. This is one of those razors that come in handy when you have 15 minutes to shower, shave, and get out! With the double moisture bars shaving cream is not necessary. All you need is a little water and you will begin to see the lather. While one bar preps your skin for a close shave the other locks in the moisture keeping the skin soft. Like all of the Venus razors it has a rubbery handle making for an easy grip even in the wet slippery shower. After using the Gillette Venus & Olay razor my legs were silky smooth and most importantly, not irritated. Being very fair I sometimes notice my legs are very red and sensitive after I shower & shave. It’s not fun when you are in a rush looking to wear a dress or skirt. I often have to wear jeans or leggings until the redness goes now so it’s not noticeable. I did not have to deal with any of this while using this razor. It was very extremely gentle on my legs! The first thing I noticed when I got out of the shower was my legs did not have any red streaks or little bumps from my shave. I never thought the day would come but I think the Gillette Venus & Olay razor will be replacing the ProSkin in my bathroom :)

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Disclaimer- I did receive this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program!

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